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“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec There were enough one-liners to keep me chuckling and/or smiling while reading this. But that's sort of all it ever was - a bunch of one-liners being tossed around between characters. For Aussie readers, it was like watching a Rodney Rude show. In fact a lot of the dialogue sounded like it should have come out of the mouth of a 60 year old truck driver, rather than a 24 year old woman and her four year old son. On second thoughts, I don't even think most men, drunk at a pub with their mates would talk about penises and vaginas as much as this book does! All the characters sounded very similar. It was often difficult to tell whose POV I was actually reading. There is a romance involved but you can't take it too seriously with all the vulgar comments coming out of their mouths most of the time. I would have much more enjoyed just one or two of the characters sounding like Rodney Rude rather than the entire cast. A mostly funny, not to be taken too seriously read. Man, when did I become such a prude?