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“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

Truth - Aleatha Romig This is a difficult review to write as I can't really talk about anything that happens in the book without spoiling the story. And let’s face it, if you’re going to read Truth you do not want to know anything about it.

After having a few issues with Consequences, I was pleasantly surprised by how much better this book was. Whilst Consequences tested my patience at times, Truth captivated me pretty much straight away. The story both tormented me and consumed my thoughts over the couple of days I read it.

I love when a book draws strong emotions from me, be they good or bad, and Truth did that. I was engaged with the story the whole way through. It was surprising and thrilling but also confusing and frustrating at times. The characters finally jumped out of the pages for me and I was genuinely engrossed in all their stories (maybe not Sophia and Derek as much as the others). The extra little bits of information, character development, suspenseful pacing and dialogue that I felt was missing in Consequences was made up for in Truth. My preconceived thoughts and opinions of the story and the characters were challenged and tested. Rather than being bogged down by too much description and inner monologue as I was in Consequences, I churned through the pages of Truth, eager and excited to discover who and how everyone was playing the game. The book has you guessing and second guessing the whole time.

There is a twist as to who may be the most villainous person in this story, however I can’t say it was all that surprising. I was a bit disappointed when it was finally revealed as I thought it was a little obvious. However the story is not over yet, so who knows what twists and turns lay ahead. For every question the book answers it probably creates another one that is not answered. We may know more of the characters' backgrounds and the identity of the real perpetrators of certain actions, but we don’t yet necessarily know their motivations and intentions. Who is good and who is bad is certainly blurred in this story.

The ending left me satisfied and curious enough to read Conviction when it is released, although I doubt I’ll be as interested in the story when it comes out in 12 months. If it was available now, I’d be reading it.