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“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

Every Day - David Levithan I began reading this book thinking that the premise of the story was interesting. Before reading it, I imagined where the story might go, what it may deal with and what it may have been about. Unfortunately this meant that the book didn’t take me by surprise. It’s not a bad story and it’s not predictable but it sort of just transpired the way I had expected.

The bodies that A inhabits were the exact types of people I expected: the jock, the emo, the mean girl, the suicidal kid, the geek, the gay kid etc. We only get a snapshot of these kids as A only inhabits their bodies for a day, therefore what we do get of them came across as a bit cliché, like we only ever scratched the surface. We don’t get to know their personalities, we don’t get their perspective at all so they weren’t really characters in the story, just bodies. And whilst I get that that was sort of one of the messages of the story (that what we look like on the outside doesn’t necessarily say much about what’s on the inside), I kind of got that early on and then it just became repetitive.

I found A’s personality (and Rhiannon’s too) quite bland and boring. I never connected with them or their relationship. The writing is somewhat philosophical but became monotonous. It was an easy book to read but didn’t have me riveted to the pages. And at times, despite the weird life A has lived, I found his ramblings and internal thoughts to be a bit preachy and too insightful for a supposed 16 year old. His voice didn’t seem authentic for his age and experiences.

A falls for Rhiannon during the day in which he inhabits her boyfriend, Justin’s, body. His love for her then becomes his focus in his existence. Reconnecting with her and remaining in her life, however he could, becomes his sole purpose. I suppose I had a slight problem with this insta-love attraction. It felt a bit contrived and remained one sided for a long time. I didn’t feel their attraction for each other and didn’t feel they shared many great getting to know you moments or conversations until quite late in the book. And his very early declarations of love towards Rhiannon were cheesy in my opinion.

I wasn’t constantly engaged while reading this book, and did skim read towards the end. I had a bit of difficulty believing in the rushed, all or nothing type of love it presented. The book had a lot of potential to explore some interesting themes but seemed to take the easy route and just go for romance and cliche. Can you really fall in love in a day? Hmm, I wasn’t convinced.