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“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

The Greyfriar - Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith I feel like I've read so many different takes on vampires – pretty ones, sparkly ones, scary ones, ugly ones, heroic ones, gruesome ones etc. There are so many out there that sometimes I forget the acute differences or which particular vampire society I’m currently reading about. Besides Eric the Viking – my all-time favourite vampire, I’ve come to realise that I do prefer my vampires to be the broody, dark, mysterious and slightly evil ones which Greyfriar delivered.

The vampires in Greyfriar stand out to me amongst the huge collection of fictional vampires that exist. Are they good or evil? A little of both. Are they redeemable? Probably not. They have their own agendas and political system and are much more complex and interesting than they first appear. They are an original take in an overpopulated world of vampires. I’m very intrigued to discover what the future holds for both the vampire and human populations in this world.

The imagery created in the book was really intense. The floating airships, the rotting, decaying corpses that littered the streets of London and the Dracula-type cold, dark hallways and opulent rooms of Gareth’s castle were very vivid in my mind. I could picture exactly what they looked like and even what the cities must have smelt like. The action and fight scenes were awesome and well-paced, I often felt like I was experiencing and surviving the battles right alongside Adele.

This is my first steampunk novel so I don’t have much to compare it to. I did enjoy the aspects – the clothing, language and technology. These are the things that stood out to me as the most obvious signs of the steampunk genre. The technology and political landscape of this world was overly descriptive and informative at times but this is not unusual for a first book in a series.

There is also a potentially beautiful but slow building and subtle relationship which develops in this book. I look forward to watching it progress. Overall I found this book very entertaining and a great start to a series. I certainly plan on reading the next book.