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“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

Mind Fuck - Manna Francis 3.5 stars

For the start of a series this has a lot of potential and I get the feeling the author has used this story to set up story lines still to come in the next books, as I was left with a few questions and theories unresolved.

The dystopian world has a 1984 feel to it. I was always intrigued and a little disturbed by the idea of being able to change historical records and how each generation just accepts the records of the past as truth. I get the feeling similar things may be happening in The Administration and the sim will only add to the blurring of boundaries between truth, reality and fantasy. Call me crazy, but I'd actually like to see some similar torture techniques from 1984 used by Toreth. Who needs sim manipulation and truth serum when you can use rats? Cost and time effective.

The scenes between Toreth & Warwick aren't the hottest or most romantic I've read but after reading a lot of m/m I'm getting used to separating sex, love and romance more than I can in m/f fiction. The chemistry between Toreth & Warwick is still subtle but has potential to become pretty hot.

I think what I expected from this book (more relationship development and more exploration of what the sim could really be used for) is probably going to come in the next books.

Toreth and Warwick do intrigue me enough to keep reading and I have many theories about how the sim may be used in the future, so I'd better read on to find out if I'm on the mark.

Buddy read with TBD girls.