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“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

Bully (Fall Away, #1) - Penelope Douglas 3.5 stars

A modern day re-tell of Grease, perhaps? Imagine that Danny had taken his silent treatment towards Sandy and times it by a thousand, turned the whole school against her and carried on like this for years, with some car racing in between.

This was an entertaining story for the most part, with a decent amount of chemistry between the main characters, Tate and Jared. The sex scenes were slightly more explicit than I expected for a high school setting (not really a complaint, though). There were a few mandatory plot points that were overly convenient for the story (both Tate and Jared live alone at 17) and I felt like I'd read a couple of scenes in other books (I had a few flashbacks to the car racing scenes in The Secret of Ella & Micha).

I wish I was more satisfied with the ending. I'm just not convinced that Jared's treatment of Tate over the years was forgiveable. I thought his reasons for bullying Tate could've explained away maybe a month's worth of bad behaviour. But years? That wasn't OK. Let's just say Tate is a much more forgiving person than I could have been.

On another note, I would have liked to hear more about Tate's year in France. Being a former exchange student myself, I know that a year overseas is a very defining life experience for a teenager. There wasn't much reflection on this. Or she had the most boring year ever, but I doubt that.