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“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle Another book that I'm yo-yo-ing between thinking it was just OK and that it was great! There were parts I really enjoyed that had my heart all a flutter, particularly the build up to Tru and Jake being together. As well as when Tru comes back to the hotel after her and Jake's argument and discovers... well, I won't spoil it.

But then there were lots of times I was not really captured by their story. It wasn't too original and I easily put it down to do other things while reading it. Once Tru and Jake are together not much happens for a while until, bam, something huge happens out of the blue and then it is just as quickly resolved.

I didn't feel Tru and Jake resolved their most important issue - Jake's drug taking. Too me, that was WAY bigger and more serious than the alleged cheating but it was dealt with a bit too flippantly. I mean who cares if he slept with her or not - the issue is what lead him to being in a situation like that so out of his control in the first place. No resolution to show that Jake has dealt with his demons at all.

I didn't care much for Jake's POV at the end of the book, it didn't add anything except to remind me that he really was just a cocky, rude , obnoxious guy.

I also had issues with how they treated Will. It was hard to forgive Tru for how she dealt with that (and usually cheating story lines don't bother me too much). Even Jake acted like an uncaring, selfish prick when it came to Will. They're in love with the same girl, surely he could have had some compassion for the poor guy. It was a very caveman reaction - you're mine now Tru, screw everyone else.

I think people will either like or love this book.