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there's more to life than reading books

“What she was finding also was how one book led to another, doors kept opening wherever she turned and the days weren't long enough for the reading she wanted to do.”

How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo I came close to not finishing this book. Not because it wasn't good but because I didn't think I could cope with where I thought it was going. Ignorance is bliss and I was prepared to not find out how low she could stoop. I just didn't want to know.

I was warned. I was WARNED! And still, I didn't see it coming. I was not prepared for how I would feel about Eliza after she. did. what. she. did.

My thoughts at 56% - She can't redeem herself. She doesn't deserve them, either of them. She's ruined him. He doesn't deserve it. I can't forgive her. I wanted to wipe my hands at her and make up my own ending for her story. (She finally got on a plane and it crashed. The end.)

But of course I kept reading despite my little meltdown and somehow somehow she did redeem herself, I did forgive her and he deserved her so I was happy for her to have her HEA if only it meant Paul got his. I don't think I could have coped with anything less.

5 huge stars.